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HIMACHAL WATCHER & HIMACHAL SCAPE Kinnaur-Ngari Corridor: An Argument for The Revival of The Western Himalayan Silk Route  Vishal Sharma, Publish Date: November 21 2019

With the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor a new sense of hope within the people of especially the border areas of India has come up and now many regions in the country would hope to adopt such a model and one such region which may initiate a similar demand in the future could be Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district which shares its borders with the Ngari prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Dreaming of Peace Dividends: Revival of Shimla-Murree Linkages  Vishal Sharma, Publish Date: June 7 2019

India and Pakistan’s agreement to build the visa-free Kartarpur Corridor, enabling Sikh pilgrims to access their holy sites in Pakistan, has revived hope for peace amongst the people of both Punjab’s. Another almost forgotten dividend of peace, is the idea of a visa-free corridor in the Western Pahari (mountain) belt which includes areas of Himachal Pradesh (India), Jammu and Kashmir (Erstwhile Empire) and Pothohar Plateau region(Pakisitan).

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